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Miriam “Celeste” Black was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in August 2012, two weeks after turning the BIG 40.  Her treatments included 1.5 years of chemotherapy, double mastectomy, 33 radiation treatments, and a 3 part breast reconstruction process with the first part being a 10 hour surgery and the final part being completed 10/30/15.

Miriam contributes her healing to having super strong spiritual connection, a positive attitude, clean eating/juicing, exercise, acupuncture, regular massages, being “loved back to life” by family and friends and the use of her all natural mostly organic skin care products.unnamed (1)

The year before being diagnosed with this horrific disease, she had committed to living her best life ever so she began a journey of eating clean, exercise and positive thinking after being depressed for about 5 years from losing her amazing Mother suddenly from a massive heart attack on her 34th birthday. During the lifestyle change she began dabbling around with some oils and butters to replace commercial products that included known carcinogens.

After receiving her diagnosis she was very concerned about the effects the treatments would have on her skin so she decided to continue the study of and only use natural products. Fortunately during her journey she was often complimented on the glow and luster of her skin. At times people would even question her diagnosis with “Are you sure you are sick and going through treatments because I never looked as good as you do?”

As a Survivor she has first hand knowledge of the potentially detrimental effects of chemotherapy and radiation so in turn a skin and hair care business was BORN!  Skin care products “made with love”-all natural, mostly organic with the sensitivity of the cancer patient in mind but Amazing for anyone/ everyone that is concerned about the carcinogens in commercial skin care products.

Yet, that is not it!  Body by Miriam Be. desires for you to use your bath and grooming time as personal “I love me some me time”, in essence a Skin Loving Experience! She only uses the best products she can find, only including ingredients she herself would use. She desires for you to not only delight in the scents from the essential oils and fragrances used in the product but also experience the texture and feel of the product, as well as the feel of the product going on and into your skin then experiencing pure bliss when recognizing the amazing results of the treatment after use.  Celeste links this skin loving experience to an uplifted mood,  healthy glow of the skin and too numerous to name benefits of the oils and butters like relief from eczema, even skin tone, anti-aging properties, soft and silky feel and ultra hydration, which in turn leads to an increased appreciation and love for yourself.

To learn more about Body By Miriam Be and Miriam “Celeste” Black visit: ASkinLovingExperience.Com 


About Body by Miriam Be.

The mission of Body by Miriam Be. is to provide superior all natural skin care products that nourish your mind, body and spirit. I use the highest quality all natural mostly organic products available to create a product that you can use and trust will not be detrimental to your overall health. I believe that your skin care regimen is part of an overall healing experience. I set out to empower my customers with the information needed to create healthy, energetic, ageless bodies and skin.

Your skin plays a major role in your health. It functions as an organ that can absorb and excrete both nutrients and toxins through its pores. The condition of your skin is a powerful reflection of just how healthy you are on the inside. Because your skin has the ability to absorb whatever you put on it careful choices are critical. You want to give your skin the same thoughtful care you give your internal organs.

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