Meet the Publisher

TN Minority Pages Publisher and CEO Tunisia Scott

Tunisia Scott is the CEO of The Tennessee Minority Pages. She was born in Columbia, Tennessee to military parents granting her the opportunity to travel the world, live in various cities throughout the United States and build relationships with many people from diverse backgrounds. She lived in Germany for seven of her early years. A well-rounded youth, and the eldest of her siblings, Tunisia’s leadership qualities were a pillar to her family and younger siblings. She excelled both academically and in sports. While overseas, she was captain of her high school basketball team. After graduating she played for 2 years on a women’s military basketball team in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. In her early twenties, she returned to the states and attended Tennessee State University with her focus in Professional Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Tunisia’s innate networking abilities coupled with impeccable organizational skills, led her into professional spaces where her skill-set provided immediate impact. A welcoming personality, yet keen business acumen drew business to her and literally served to breathe new life into every project. These “stand-out” qualities provided the foundation for relationships that would engage her throughout her career. Her reputation preceding her, every subsequent position came highly recommended.

Tunisia’s business skills and dynamic personality, has provided her the fortitude to succeed in every position she has hd. Tunisia’s dynamism landed her several positions over the years where her leadership and vision was relied upon. She worked with Metro Nashville Government for 5 years where she was promoted several times from a caseload receptionist, Career Development Facilitator Certified to a Resource Program Assistant assisting the public with college funding and job searches. In search of the right person to fill the position of Academic Assistant to the Dean at a well-known University, Dr. Rubin Cockrell; a dean, author, renowned International speaker and consultant for his organization, Positive Images & Associates was referred to this lady powerhouse and once again Tunisia’s skills had come highly recommended. In time, Tunisia’s leadership guided her into entrepreneurship where she quickly established her voice and coaching skills to motivate and drive sales teams across the nation with International MLM companies.

Today, Tunisia Scott is a dedicated wife to husband Antonio Scott, a mother to three young boys and a woman grounded by faith in God and commitment to her passion for stronger business alliances within the Nashville community. Her caring spirit and professional reputation continues to serve to link her with Nashville’s elite, including premier network organizations such as The Professional Networking Group, Positive Images & Associates and consultative services to several well-known establishments in the Middle TN area. A testament that hard work and dedication to excellence pays off, Tunisia acquired a 25-year-old publication known as The Tennessee Black Pages a Middle Tennessee treasure. With this passing of a legacy, Tunisia Scott’s leadership will reach all minorities such as is needed to serve Tennessee’s increased climate of diversity and inclusion by way of the Tennessee Minority Pages.