Kinimi Kitchen: A Slice Southern Hospitably

Kirbee is the founder and owner of KiNiMi Kitchen, LLC.  KiNiMi Kitchen’s mission is to cultivate immersive culinary experiences that promote inclusion and connection. Kirbee launched this multidimensional brand to share her love for food and people via an online cooking show, cooking classes, as well TV appearances in the Nashville and Chattanooga markets, Pop-Up shops at locations such as Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Creative at her core, it might just be her blood type! Her heart is in the kitchen. She has been cooking and baking since she was 5. She sees food and cooking as opportunities to connect and create community. She is passionate about people, community service, connection and helping others Live their Best Life!

You don’t have to qualify for each other’s time in order to share a moment with good food. This pie taste like comfort. It is meant to be shared and will definitely create memories.

“Slice of Southern Hospitality, the first bite will invite you in, and make you stay awhile. Around pie, we are all family!”

Connect with her!:  IG: @KiNiMiKitchen, Facebook: KiNiMi Kitchen Website:

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