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Just as Nashville and the surrounding areas undergoes revitalization in their historical communities, so does another Middle Tennessee staple. Tennessee Minority Pages has rebranded its look and broadened its reach to provide the most dependable source of minority business listings!

Whether you are a long time resident looking for a new salon, a newcomer desiring to join a cultural association, or a guest in the area in search of a specific ethnic restaurant...Tennessee Minority Pages is your one-stop minority resource!

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God’s Writer Girl: Legacy of a Nashville PR Leading Lady

Deborah Ann Culp came into the Nashville community in 2014 a Detroit native and seasoned writer, photographer and public relations professional. She was affectionately dubbed “Lady Deb”, “Miss Deborah” and of course, her own handle and the title which most knew her by, “God’s Writer Girl” (GAG). To say she merely “worked” for several publications, […]

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Martesha L. Johnson: Nashville’s Newest Public Defender

On August 28, 2018, Martesha L. Johnson became the first African-American elected Public Defender of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Defender’s Office. A native of Nashville, Johnson ran for Chief Public Defender to raise her voice on injustices that impact low-income communities, like the criminalization of poverty. Yet, as she stood on the stage during her […]

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The Art of The Dance: Dr. Ming Wang Mastering the Art and Health Connection

Ming Wang is a name most recognize easily. For years we have seen his commercials and revered him as not only the leader in ophthalmology, but as the “dancing doctor”. We’ve watched his commercials with wonder as Dr. Wang danced right into our living rooms. Even from our television screens we have felt a connection […]

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Business Highlights

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival Expresses the Essence of Diversity

For the last 22 years, the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival has created a space for residents and tourists alike to engage in the rich variety of cultures embodying the essence of Nashville. According to the World Population Review, Nashville has one of the fastest growing populations in the country. So much so, the current foreign-born […]

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The American soundtrack is finding a home in Music City.

The National Museum of African American Music, or NMAAM, is set to open later this year as the cornerstone of the Fifth + Broadway site currently under construction. The 56,000-square-foot facility will house five galleries focusing on the legacy and contributions of African Americans to more than 50 musical genres and sub-genres ranging from spirituals […]

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Kinimi Kitchen: A Slice Southern Hospitably

Kirbee is the founder and owner of KiNiMi Kitchen, LLC.  KiNiMi Kitchen’s mission is to cultivate immersive culinary experiences that promote inclusion and connection. Kirbee launched this multidimensional brand to share her love for food and people via an online cooking show, cooking classes, as well TV appearances in the Nashville and Chattanooga markets, Pop-Up […]

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