Outsourcing Tasks That Prove Troublesome to You

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There is a tendency when running a business to do it all yourself. You want to make sure that every aspect of the business runs smoothly and is completed in a professional manner.

When you are just starting your company, that school of thought might not only be best, but it might also be better for you financially. As your business grows,  you will start to feel stretched thin from all of the tasks that you have to take care of and you will start to feel like you are always working. All work and no play will eventually lead to sloppy work – or worse, burn out.

To reserve your energy and talents for the things you enjoy about your business, you can outsource the tasks that you do not like to do. You can also hire a third party to do the tasks that are slightly out of your ability to handle. One example that many companies deal with are setting up web pages and finding that the task still causes you to stumble and takes longer than it should. In that case, you may be surprised but you may end up actually making money by outsourcing the job. One way to figure if it is cost effective to hire someone else to do the project is to decide how long the job takes you to complete it and what your time is worth versus what you would pay to have it done. [Read more…]

Murfreesboro Gym owner shares keys to success

As 2016 begins, more than half of the U.S. population starts to ponder what New Year’s resolutions they will try.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 62 percent of Americans usually or infrequently make a resolution with which to start the new year. Half of those resolutions are about self-improvement, and 38 percent are to lose weight, making it the top New Year’s resolution annually.

While hopes are high on the first day of January, by the last day in June more than half have failed to stick with it, the study from 2014 found.

Murfreesboro gym owner Kelman Edwards Jr. said resolvers can do a few simple things to make sure they make the lifestyle changes needed to get fit: think positively, identify reachable goals, get professional advice and get started.

12347614_782004988612377_6837406846275276168_nFor Edwards the key to success in anything is positive thinking.

“I find the positive in the negative,” said Edwards, who is holding a grand opening for his gym ChampionTone Fitness at 11 a.m. Dec. 10 at 1180 Park Ave. in Murfreesboro.

Edwards was at a loss after he graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2011 with a degree in biology and chemistry, he said.

Because his career plans were derailed by his grandmother’s death in Barbados, he said he found it hard to find a job and ended up working construction around Nashville.

Edwards said all the interviews he went on told him he needed more experience in the field, and MTSU’s career center told him to get a masters.

“I think it’s ironic that I had graduated from MTSU and a few months later I was demolishing the dorm I had lived in,” Edwards said about stepping back into Wood-Felder Hall to raze the dorm and make room for the new science building.

Shortly after, he knew he needed to make a change.

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The Powerful Story Behind Body by Miriam Be

Miriam “Celeste” Black was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in August 2012, two weeks after turning the BIG 40.  Her treatments included 1.5 years of chemotherapy, double mastectomy, 33 radiation treatments, and a 3 part breast reconstruction process with the first part being a 10 hour surgery and the final part being completed 10/30/15.

Miriam contributes her healing to having super strong spiritual connection, a positive attitude, clean eating/juicing, exercise, acupuncture, regular massages, being “loved back to life” by family and friends and the use of her all natural mostly organic skin care products. [Read more…]

Blog Marketing Crash Course

Blogging can be a great way to help build your brand as well as draw potential customers to your website. The fact is people are always looking for good content, so if you have knowledge in your industry it would be a great idea to share it. What is amazing that is blogging itself can grow into a great source of income.

Regardless if you want to be a blogger to grow your current business or want to become a professional blogger, there is a lot of information you need to know before you begin.

Many people with blogs get disheartened after a few weeks or months when their blog fails to attract thousands of readers. It is a real shame, because if bloggers followed a few simple blog marketing steps, then they would probably find that there is a willing audience just dying to read about most topics. So what can a blogger do to get noticed? Here are a few blog marketing ideas that should get most blogs getting reasonable traffic in a short space of time. [Read more…]

Can Credit Card Processors Help Your Business?

ID-100276685As per 2015 statistics released, online trade grew more by more than 22% over previous year.There has also been an explosion in the use of debit card transactions. To accept either type of card at your business, you need a merchant account.  Getting a merchant account is not easy for all. It does involve a lot of money. To solve this issue, another fast emerging choice is use of third-party factoring services, also known as credit card processors. These processors process third party orders through their own merchant accounts. A good processor provides a secure environment for sale, ensure that supplier fulfills the obligations of trade and ensure payment for the sale to the trader.

The growth of criminal methods on the net to steal information and rob off wealth is growing at alarming rate. To help these issues, these processors provide very valuable service to newbie merchants who can not afford own merchant account and are quite instrumental in fraud prevention as well as to protect the consumer interest. A good credit card processor instills a strong sense of satisfaction among consumers to protect their interests and thus at a nominal cost boosts the revenue of on-line trader.

A good processor has to be very stringent as they are answerable to their own merchant account provider. Too many dissatisfied customers or traders can make them go out of business. I came across, which very elaborately describes about various credit card processors. It would be a good idea to check from here.

One of such reputed and well established credit card processor is 2CheckOut (2CO), which is online distribution center for over 300,000 products and services. It provides a customizable transaction interface, multi-level customer service interaction, security features using SSL encryption network. One can get started immediately with no hassles of term contracts, additional equipment and can deal with any international suppliers, except for few prohibited products.

What does it cost?

Charges wise, it may not be cheapest one, but in terms of customers rating and appreciation, it definitely stands out. Initial set up charges include one time setup fees of $49. Besides, a commission of 5.5% per transaction and additional charges of $0.45 are levied. These transaction charges can go up on some classes of products. Charges for additional services are even higher. 2CheckOut supports 28 currencies for payment. For payments in local currency, if it is one of the supported currencies, wire option can be exercised at a cost of $5 per transfer. You can also choose to receive funds in US dollars at fees of $20 per transfer. These charges are definitely steep for small payments, but, 2CheckOut does give option to set a release level of payments and payments would be held till it reaches that level. Additionally, there are charges for stop payment of check and for charge backs.

However, being a processor with one of the lowest fraud rate, such steep rates also gel with market.

Payment to Suppliers

Generally all payments are made on 1st and 16th of the month, when all transactions that occur within 48 hours of this period will be processed, and payment remitted. However suppliers with sales volumes of over $1,000 a week qualify for weekly transfers.

Types of Products

A supplier is not allowed to sell certain types of goods as adult content, firearms, ammunition, tobacco products and multi-level marketing etc.

Protecting Consumer Interest

Protection of consumer interest is basically in own interest of a credit card processor to be able to stay in business. As the terms of agreement with 2CO, a supplier agrees to readdress all the customers complaints addressed to him directly or through 2CO, to the satisfaction of customer, proficiently and harmoniously.

To protect interests of sellers, it reserves the right to impose limits on purchase of products by specific buyers for any reason, in its sole discretion, as it may deem fit.

Payments on an account are made after 2CO’s verification processes it also holds money from suppliers account to protect buyer’s interest. Generally a 5% of the gross sales are kept as reserve for at least 90 days would be held and in some cases the Reserve is retained at a higher rate for period exceeding 90 days.

It has a provision for refund and charge back too. Either 2CO or supplier may ask for reversal of transaction leading to refund and return the funds to a customer’s account. Credit card issuing bank may dispute the validity of transaction through the given credit card either on its own volition or on instruction of its clients and initiate reversal of funds transferred. This is called charge back. In such cases, where supplier feels victimized, he may opt to initiate a dispute and seek assistance of 2CO. 2CO would assist by way of providing any documentation that supplier may need and would charge a fee of $14 for each such dispute that supplier decides to contest.

2CO service has been rated as wonderful by most users. The only suggestions for improvement would be more in depth sales reports and the ability to have custom form fields on. It has reputation of being a company that enables businesses to receive funds from businesses and consumers internationally with zero fraud and at a much lower cost than traditional wire payments.


Tennessee Black Pages passes the Torch

Tunisia Scott Headshot

New owner and President, Tunisia Scott

Nashville, TN – Just as Nashville and surrounding areas undergo revitalization in historical communities, so does another Middle Tennessee staple. Tennessee Black Pages, a 25 year old Middle Tennessee minority business directory that lists and showcases local African American businesses, has officially passed the torch and been renamed, Tennessee Minority Pages by new owner and President, Tunisia Scott. Scott renamed the directory to service an even more diverse Tennessee than yesteryear.

The local directory was sold to Scott by former founder, Deloris Black who once hired the new owner as her Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Black’s protégé, Scott, will continue the founder’s legacy to bridge minority organizations to mainstream organizations and to the community at large. With the name change however, Mrs. Scott will impact a broader demographic.

Under her new leadership, Scott has launched a full campaign to update the look and the feel of the publication to accommodate the contemporary needs of today’s advertiser and reader. The publication will soon have an upgraded web presence as well as a full social media presence which includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a Blog-site, an App and appearances at local events. These additions will exponentially increase the footprint of the publication’s featured advertisers.

Tennessee Minority Pages has officially moved out of the station to take itself and Middle Tennessee partner advertisers to the next level.

The TN Minority Pages CEO Speaks at Young Women Conference


Young Ladies Empowerment Conference

By Tunisia Johnson-Scott

June 7, 2015 – The Tennessee Minority Pages had the honor to participate and witness a Phenomenal Movement! I was a guest of  Girls Reaching and Achieving Courage Everyday (G.R.A.C.E) created by Shawana Canty, a lady after my own heart. The selflessness that she displays and the passion she has for helping young ladies is so heartfelt! She hosted her annual G.R.A.C.E. Young Ladies Empowerment Conference this past weekend in Columbia, Tennessee.

She invited me down to talk about entrepreneurship! She addressed the issues of the importance of education, dealing with peer pressure, Health and fitness, preventing teenage pregnancy, just to name a few. She invited a long list of professionals with business backgrounds and education background ranging from bachelors degrees to Doctorate Degrees!

Encouraging these young ladies that they can be whatever they want to be! I am truly inspired by you Ms. Canty and please include us in your future endeavors it was a privilege and a honor!

Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce

In 1998, the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce was founded by Rosetta Miller Perry, publisher of the Tennessee Tribune and Contempora Magazine. The organization was established in 1998 as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. In 2003, the Chamber was re-chartered as a 501(c)4 organization. This re-chartering allowed the Chamber to function as a Civic Association with members who support its mission and goals.

The mission of the Nashville Black Chamber is to economically empower the Black community through the promotion, education, and advancement of its businesses and their partners, while focusing on the development of business opportunities, alliances, and legislative advocacy in the greater Nashville community.


The Chamber’s mission is to Empower the black community, Educate and Mentor future entrepreneurs; and Embrace industry and technology to assist our members while marketing Nashville to the World markets.

To learn more about the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce please visit:

Nashville International Airport

Learn all about the Nashville International Airport

Mission and Vision:

To provide the Nashville Airports Experience through outstanding customer service, facilities and services, bringing the heartbeat of Music City to the airport.

The Authority’s Brand Promise:

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority is customer-focused, professional and delivers the Nashville Airports Experience.

Culture & Values:


Be professional, open, honest and fair in dealings. Follow ethical standards and processes. Honor commitments.


Promote a safe and secure environment. Deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. Support our community.


Continue to improve. Be open to new ideas and foster change.


Respect and trust others. Communicate and coordinate with coworkers. Follow meeting behaviors.

To learn more visit: